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Pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnology companies face a wide range of fire hazards, in their bulk chemical facilities, clean production facilities, laboratories, warehouses and electrical infrastructure.

Pharmaceutical Fire Risks

This sector operates in a highly regulated and sensitive environment, making fire safety a paramount concern. Common fire risks within pharmaceutical facilities include:

  • Chemical Storage Hazards: Pharmaceutical facilities house an array of chemicals, including flammable solvents, reactive reagents, and volatile compounds. The improper storage or handling of these substances can result in chemical reactions that lead to fires or explosions.
  • Laboratory Activities: Laboratories are at the heart of pharmaceutical research and production. These environments often involve the use of open flames, high-temperature processes, and intricate machinery, all of which pose fire hazards if not managed meticulously.
  • Electrical System Vulnerabilities: Biomedical facilities rely heavily on advanced electrical systems to power equipment and maintain controlled environments. Faulty wiring, equipment malfunctions, or power surges can ignite electrical fires, endangering both personnel and valuable research.
  • Chemical Incompatibility Risks: The pharmaceutical industry often deals with a wide range of chemicals, some of which may react unpredictably when combined. Fire risks increase when incompatible substances come into contact, potentially leading to hazardous chemical reactions and fires.

Pharmaceutical Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Viking offers advanced fire detection and suppression methods specifically tailored to pharmaceutical facilities:

  • Fire Extinguishers: Designed to tackle a variety of fire types, our fire extinguishers are placed at critical locations within pharmaceutical facilities. Each extinguisher is meticulously inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with NFPA 45 and NFPA 10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers.
  • Sprinkler Systems: Our state-of-the-art sprinkler systems are engineered to provide rapid fire control while minimizing water damage. They adhere to NFPA 45 guidelines, ensuring optimal performance in laboratory settings.
  • Fire Alarm Systems: Early detection is essential. Our fire alarm systems, compliant with NFPA 45 and NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, are equipped with advanced technology to swiftly alert personnel to potential fire incidents.
  • Clean Agent Suppression: For laboratories handling sensitive research and equipment, clean agent suppression systems are deployed. These systems release non-conductive, non-corrosive agents that swiftly suppress fires while safeguarding valuable assets.

Our commitment to quality and compliance ensures that your pharmaceutical facility is equipped with cutting-edge fire protection equipment, ready to mitigate fire risks and protect your critical operations. With Viking Fire Protection, you can trust that every piece of equipment aligns with the standard’s stringent requirements, contributing to the safety and continuity of your  endeavors.


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Whether you need design, installation, inspection or maintenance of fire protection systems, Viking is the name that you can trust.


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We offer services that cover all aspects of the fire protection and design-build process, engaging the client at every step to ensure the best experience possible.


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LifeLabs medical laboratory services

LifeLabs is a Canadian company that provides laboratory testing services, which help physicians and other healthcare providers in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease and illness in patients. Each year, LifeLabs provide more than 50 million laboratory tests to over 10 million patients and nearly 20,000 physicians in Canada. They have divisions in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.


Galderma Canada Inc. is a pharmaceutical company specializing in research and marketing of therapeutic, corrective and aesthetic solutions for dermatology patients. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of skin and hair diseases. In the past few years, Viking has installed many fire protection systems at the manufacturing plant, located at Baie d’Urfe, Quebec.

Throughout the project, we found that Viking was professional in their design and installation abilities. They worked well with our technicians and helped provide solutions to seamlessly integrate their suppression systems with our existing equipment. We have found them flexible and accommodating in their work as our site is semi-remote and full of sensitive equipment.

Marc Germain, CBC / Radio-Canada



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Industry Standards & Affiliation

Viking systems are designed and installed exclusively according to NFPA standards. Our team uses products that are recognized by ULC and FM Approved standards. Viking Fire Protection also meets pre-qualification requirements by several recognized organizations

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