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In today’s digital age, server rooms and data centers are the backbone of many businesses. Ensuring the safety of these critical facilities is paramount. At Viking, we specialize in providing tailored fire protection solutions for this high-stakes industry.

Our expertise in deploying advanced fire protection methods, such as double interlock preaction sprinkler systems, air sampling systems for detection, and seamless integration between detection and suppression, ensures that your data center remains secure, resilient, and operational.

Server Room & Datacenter Fire Risks

Server rooms and data centers are not immune to fire hazards, in fact they have quite specific protection needs. Understanding these common risks is the first step toward effective fire protection:

  • Electrical Equipment: The intricate web of servers, switches, and power distribution units is a breeding ground for potential electrical overloads. Overheating or short circuits in these components can spark electrical fires.
  • Overheating: Intense computational activity generates substantial heat within server rooms. Inadequate cooling or ventilation can lead to the accumulation of heat, potentially igniting surrounding materials or equipment.
  • Dust and Particles: The operation of servers can create a dust-laden environment. Dust particles, when exposed to electrical currents, can ignite and propagate fires within seconds.
  • Cable Mismanagement: Poorly organized and maintained cable systems can cause cable overheating and lead to electrical fires.
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Hazards: UPS systems, while vital for maintaining continuous power, can also pose fire risks if improperly maintained or faulty.

Fire Protection Systems for Server Room & Datacenter

At Viking Fire Protection, we take pride in our in-depth understanding of the NFPA 75 Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment. This comprehensive standard addresses crucial elements vital to safeguarding IT equipment and data centers. Here’s how we align our expertise with the standard’s key provisions:

Automatic Fire Protection Systems

We recognize the critical importance of automatic fire protection systems in IT equipment areas and rooms. NFPA 75 mandates the installation of automatic sprinkler systems, gaseous clean agent extinguishing systems, or both. Our team is well-versed in configuring and maintaining these systems to ensure your IT environment’s safety.

In specific cases, the standard also requires automatic sprinkler systems or gaseous fire extinguishing systems to be installed below raised floors. It’s essential to note that sprinkler systems used in IT equipment areas must be valved separately from other sprinkler systems, and we ensure strict compliance with this requirement.

Automatic Detection Systems

NFPA 75 emphasizes the need for comprehensive fire detection equipment. We implement automatic fire detection equipment at both the ceiling level of the IT equipment area and below raised floors where cables are housed. Additionally, smoke detection systems are installed to operate smoke dampers effectively, enhancing early fire detection and response.

Gas Fire Suppression Systems and Sprinkler Protection

The majority of data centers still require sprinkler protection, with gas fire suppression system protecting the equipment and sprinklers protecting the room. Double interlock preaction sprinkler systems are usually used to prevent accidental discharge. We provide air sampling systems for detection, as well as integration between detection and suppression.

Partner with Viking Fire Protection for comprehensive expertise in NFPA 75 compliance. We are committed to securing your IT equipment and data centers with precision, ensuring full alignment with industry standards and regulations. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your specific needs.


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EOC – Emergency Operations Centre

The new EOC project will soon become the main operations centre for the City of Calgary’s various emergency services, such as the local police, the fire department and emergency medical services. This large-scale project will be fitted with high technology equipment.

Datacenter – Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power has been the main supplier of energy in the province, for more than 80 years. In 2008, the Nova Scotia Power Corporation has made the environmentally friendly choice to replace their halon installations with the FM-200 gas, an extinguishing agent with low impact on the environment. With recognized expertise in the replacement of halon gas, Viking Fire Protection proceeded with the gas recovery in accordance with the strict regulations in effect.

Throughout the project, we found that Viking was professional in their design and installation abilities. They worked well with our technicians and helped provide solutions to seamlessly integrate their suppression systems with our existing equipment. We have found them flexible and accommodating in their work as our site is semi-remote and full of sensitive equipment.

Marc Germain, CBC / Radio-Canada



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