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Industrial and chemicals facilities are facing special risks that require more than a conventional automatic sprinkler system. When protection is needed for high-value or irreplaceable goods or property, or when highly flammable liquids, solids or gases are present, the use of custom designed fire protection systems is recommended.

Early fire detection through use of flame detectors represents a key requirement. Hybrid suppression system (VORTEX) which uses mixed water mist and Nitrogen to suppress the fire can be part of the solution.

Industrial and Chemicals Facilities Fire Risks

In this dynamic landscape, fire risks take center stage, presenting a unique set of challenges that demand a vigilant and strategic approach to safety.

  • Combustible Dust Explosions: Fine particles generated during industrial processes can become explosive when suspended in the air, posing a significant threat to operations and safety.
  • Chemical Reaction Hazards: Uncontrolled chemical reactions within industrial processes can lead to the release of flammable substances, demanding a vigilant and proactive approach to risk mitigation.
  • Electrical System Vulnerabilities: Inadequate electrical systems can result in short circuits and electrical fires, disrupting operations and posing serious safety risks.
  • Machinery-Related Fire Hazards: Malfunctions in industrial machinery can generate sparks or excessive heat, initiating fires and compromising the integrity of equipment.
  • Inadequate Storage Practices: Improper storage of flammable materials and chemicals can escalate fire risks, emphasizing the need for stringent storage protocols.

At Viking Fire Protection, we’re not just fire safety experts; we’re industry-specific problem solvers. Our approach involves understanding the complexities of your operations to tailor solutions that address these specific risks head-on.

Viking built its reputation of excellence one project at a time, with the help of a team of professionals, and through the proven efficiency of its systems, which are manufactured using only high-quality products by such manufacturers as Viking Corporation and FireFlex Systems.

Foam suppression systems are often used to protect industrial and chemical facilities. Depending on the volume and the risk involved, three types of foams are available; low-expansion, medium-expansion and high-expansion foams. Our team of experienced representatives will help you find the best possible protection for your property.

Foam fire suppression systems are an ideal and effective alternative for the protection of large surfaces with minimal water damage. Foam systems suppress rapidly progressing fires and prevent re-ignition. They also allow the rapid cooling of the surrounding areas, which significantly reduces water demand and environmental costs.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond conventional measures. We rigorously comply with NFPA standards specifically crafted for the industrial and chemical sector. Key standards, such as NFPA 660 (Standard for Combustible Dusts) and NFPA 400 (Hazardous Materials Code), guide our comprehensive fire safety strategies.


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Whether you need design, installation, inspection or maintenance of fire protection systems, Viking is the name that you can trust.


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We offer services that cover all aspects of the fire protection and design-build process, engaging the client at every step to ensure the best experience possible.


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Ciment québec

Ciment Québec is a Quebec company that specializes in roller-compacted concrete (RCC) paving. From 2006 to 2008, Viking’s team worked at the Saint-Basile plant to install foam systems designed to protect the conveyor network that supplies fuel to the plant.

Arkema – Becancour

At Bécancour, Arkema produces primarily 35%, 50% and 70% hydrogen peroxide solutions. Manufactured with leading-edge technology, these products are used as bleaching or antiseptic agents in a wide variety of industries such as pulp and paper, textile, food processing, mining and metallurgy, as well as the environmental sector.

Throughout the project, we found that Viking was professional in their design and installation abilities. They worked well with our technicians and helped provide solutions to seamlessly integrate their suppression systems with our existing equipment. We have found them flexible and accommodating in their work as our site is semi-remote and full of sensitive equipment.

Marc Germain, CBC / Radio-Canada



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Industry Standards & Affiliation

Viking systems are designed and installed exclusively according to NFPA standards. Our team uses products that are recognized by ULC and FM Approved standards. Viking Fire Protection also meets pre-qualification requirements by several recognized organizations

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