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In the fast-evolving realms of transport and electrification, where innovation propels us into the future, the need for robust fire protection measures has never been more critical. As these sectors move forward with advancements in electric mobility, automation, and interconnected technologies, the fire protection landscape undergoes dynamic shifts, introducing unique challenges, particularly for industries boasting large vehicle fleets.


Transport & Electrification Fire Risks


Vehicle Diversity: Managing a diverse range of vehicles, including traditional combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles, and hybrid models, requires tailored fire protection strategies to address the unique risks associated with each type.

Fueling Infrastructure: Transport industries rely on fueling stations, presenting fire hazards during fueling processes. Implementing effective fire protection measures at these locations is essential to mitigate the risks associated with flammable fuels.

High-Tech Components: Modern vehicles are equipped with an array of sophisticated electronic components and advanced technologies. Protecting these high-tech systems from electrical malfunctions and fire incidents poses a challenge, necessitating specialized fire detection and suppression solutions.

Autonomous Vehicles: The rise of autonomous vehicles introduces new challenges in predicting and addressing fire risks. The complex web of sensors, communication systems, and automated components requires innovative fire protection strategies to ensure the safety of occupants and prevent vehicle damage.

Operational Complexity: Transport operations often occur in dynamic and high-paced environments, leading to increased fire risks. Efficient fire prevention and rapid response strategies are crucial to safeguard both personnel and valuable assets.

Electrification fire protection


High-Voltage Systems: The electrification of industries introduces high-voltage electric systems, particularly in electric vehicles and power generation stations. Managing fire risks associated with these systems requires specialized knowledge and advanced fire protection technologies.

Battery Risks: Lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems, pose unique fire risks. Thermal runaway incidents, although rare, require specific fire suppression solutions to prevent catastrophic consequences.

Energy Storage Facilities: Electrification often involves the establishment of energy storage facilities for renewable energy sources. Managing fire risks associated with large-scale energy storage requires comprehensive fire protection strategies to prevent the escalation of incidents.

Transition Stations: In power distribution networks, transition stations play a critical role in managing the flow of electricity. Implementing fire protection measures in these stations is essential to prevent disruptions in power supply and ensure the safety of workers.

Interconnected Systems: The integration of interconnected systems in electrification projects introduces complexities in fire protection. Ensuring the safety of communication systems, control centers, and automated processes requires a holistic approach to fire prevention and suppression.

Unrivaled Fire Protection Solutions Tailored for the Transport & Electrification Industry

Our comprehensive fire safety solutions extend beyond conventional services, addressing common industry risks, toxic and flammable gases, and ensuring the well-being of your workforce and assets.

Advanced Detection Systems: Fortifying Against Common Industry Risks

The Transport & Electrification sector faces numerous industry-specific risks, from electrical hazards to equipment malfunction. Viking integrates advanced gas and fire detection systems into its fire protection solutions, providing real-time monitoring of toxic and flammable gases. By fortifying against common risks, we empower your facility to respond proactively to potential threats, securing both lives and assets.

Specialized Fire Protection for Industry-Specific Challenges

In an industry marked by dynamic challenges, Viking Fire Protection stands as a beacon of resilience. Our specialized solutions address the unique risks associated with the Transport & Electrification sector, from electrical fires to the hazards posed by combustible materials. We understand the intricacies of your industry, tailoring our technology to meet your specific needs.

Proven Excellence Across Varied Environments

Viking Fire Protection’s excellence extends across diverse projects, from subways and airports to critical Hydro projects. Our teams actively engage in providing fire alarm and suppression systems for power generating stations and power transition stations. With a track record built on professionalism and efficiency, we have earned our reputation one project at a time.

FireFlex ICAF Compressed Air Foam System: A Powerful Ally Against Fire Risks

To combat the prevalent risks in the Transport & Electrification sector, Viking Fire Protection proudly introduces the FireFlex ICAF compressed air foam system. This FM Approved deluge-type system offers unparalleled extinguishing power against class B pool fires, spill fires, and cascading fires. Activated electrically, pneumatically, or manually, it exemplifies our commitment to using cutting-edge technology for your safety. Manufactured with precision using high-quality products from Viking Corp and FireFlex Systems, it’s a testament to reliability in the face of industry-specific risks.



Complete Range of Fire Protection Services

Whether you need design, installation, inspection or maintenance of fire protection systems, Viking is the name that you can trust.


Our solutions

We offer services that cover all aspects of the fire protection and design-build process, engaging the client at every step to ensure the best experience possible.


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Halifax Standfield International Airport

Viking Fire Protection was chosen to install fire protection systems in the Halifax Stanfield International Airport maintenance hangars. The airport is managed by Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), a locally controlled, non-share capital corporation and is located north-east from downtown Halifax.

Oliver Bowen Light Rail Vehicule Maintenance Facility

Located in northeast Calgary, the Oliver Bowen LRV Maintenance Facility offers inspection, maintenance and storage services for LRVs (light rail vehicles), better known in Calgary as CTrains. This type of transport serves over thirty stations in downtown Calgary and the surrounding area. The LRVs and the new facility are the property of Calgary Transit. It is worth mentioning that this project meets the LEED® Canada Silver certification.

Throughout the project, we found that Viking was professional in their design and installation abilities. They worked well with our technicians and helped provide solutions to seamlessly integrate their suppression systems with our existing equipment. We have found them flexible and accommodating in their work as our site is semi-remote and full of sensitive equipment.

Marc Germain, CBC / Radio-Canada



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Industry Standards & Affiliation

Viking systems are designed and installed exclusively according to NFPA standards. Our team uses products that are recognized by ULC and FM Approved standards. Viking Fire Protection also meets pre-qualification requirements by several recognized organizations

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