Kruger Project : A Team Effort


On February 2021, the Kruger Company inaugurated a new paper production plant of ​​450,000 square feet in Bromptonville, Quebec valued at $ 240 million. In December 2019, Viking Montreal was awarded the contract. The distinct complexity of this project was that the 450,000 sq. ft. building structure was 80% complete and that the electromechanical work was also almost complete.

Upon returning from the Christmas holidays, we got the Viking machine up and running with engineering, purchasing, warehouse and finally installation. At the end of January 2020, a team of 12 workers was mobilized on site, and a total of 22 workers by June 2020 under the supervision of our Superintendent Benoît Paquette. Vincent Hébert, Engineering Manager, put together a team of about eight Designers and Project Managers to design the 27 automatic fire extinguisher networks. Serge Paquette, Director of electrical engineering, was also heavily involved in the design and coordination with our subcontractor for the installation of the fire alarm network designed with Notifier products.

The production pace to support an installation team of 22 workers would not have been possible without Martin Bisaillon, Warehouse Foreman and his entire team. Even during the course of this project, Martin and his entire team had to produce for all of our other projects as well as some external offices. Of course, the implication of engineering, purchasing, the warehouse and installation could not have been possible without the implication of the sales department. Thank you to Jean-François Viens, Lévis Blanchet, Serge Paquette and Maurice Lareau with the initial design of the project and the integration of the tender documents as well as the validation of FM Global standards.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this project!

Industry Standards & Affiliation

Viking systems are designed and installed exclusively according to NFPA standards. Our team uses products that are recognized by ULC and FM Approved standards. Viking Fire Protection also meets pre-qualification requirements by several recognized organizations