A Greener Tomorrow: Awe-inspiring Sustainable Development Project in Halifax

Halifax Regional Municipality Organics Management Facility - Sustainable Development - Viking Fire Protection Inc.

Pairing Modern Sustainability with Viking Fire Protection Expertise

In the heart the Halifax Regional Municipality, encompassing more than 200 communities across nine distinct regions, an inspiring model of sustainable development is materializing for 2024.

The construction of a new organics management facility, engineered to process 60,000 tons of organic waste annually, will be a significant leap towards a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

In fact, it will meet, and exceed, the NS Environment and Climate Change 2010 Composting Facility Guidelines.

The new cutting-edge plant is strategically designed, and amongst its many modern eco-friendly features, the plant has a water negative system in place, which collects storm water from the site to be repurposed for fire protection.  In fact, this new “green” project has its own unique challenges regarding the vital aspects of fire safety.

That’s where Viking Fire Protection Inc. steps-in; we have the expertise to address these particular safety issues, to safeguard both the facility and its environmental mission.

Our complete range of fire protection services is tailored to safeguard not just property, but also the invaluable work and vision of organizations driving sustainability initiatives.

Halifax Regional Municipality Organics Management Facility - Sustainable Development - Viking Fire Protection Inc.

Forecasting Fire Risk in Organics Management

The Halifax Regional Municipality Organics Management Facility operates with a clear focus on innovation and sustainable development. With indoor composting activities and stringent environmental regulations, it’s essential to identify, and address potential fire hazards effectively.

At Viking, risk assessment is a key step in identifying vulnerabilities, and ensuring the highest level of fire safety standards.

Engineers, assigned to the Halifax Organics Management Facility project, understand that fire protection isn’t just about compliance; it’s about proactive risk assessment and mitigation. By identifying potential hazards unique to their operations, they’re paving the way for tailored solutions that ensure safety without compromising progress.

Customizable Solutions for Sustainable Development

Our fire protection solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with the unique requirements of Organics Management Facilities, as demonstrated at the new Halifax Regional Municipality Plant.

From advanced suppression systems to state-of-the-art fire alarm integration, Viking Fire Protection Inc. leverages the latest technologies to keep this facility safe and secure.

We offer a wide range of services for clients needing specialized solutions including:

Sprinkler Systems

Engineered to provide comprehensive coverage and minimize water usage, our sprinkler systems offer reliable fire suppression, without compromising sustainable development.

Fire Detection

Our advanced fire detection technology ensures early warning and rapid response to potential fire threats, helping to prevent damage and protect valuable resources.

Portable Extinguishers and Accessories:

Equipped with environmentally friendly extinguishing agents, our portable extinguishers are strategically placed throughout the facility to provide quick access in the event of a fire emergency.

Halifax Regional Municipality Organics Management Facility - Sustainable Development - Viking Fire Protection Inc.

Fire Protection Solutions for Every Industry

Whether you’re in sustainable development, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, or hospitality, Viking has the expertise, and experience, to safeguard your operations.

Our dedicated professionals work closely with their clients, to understand their unique requirements, and deliver customized fire protection solutions that meet and exceed industry standards, such as the NFPA.

Moreover, with our comprehensive range of services and solutions, which include our sprinkler systems, we are committed to protecting progress and empowering industries to thrive in a safer, more secure environment.

Finally, Viking has become a nationwide leader in its field, established in 1930, with 16 branches operating in all the major cities in Canada.

Our corporate mission is to achieve excellence in the areas of health and safety, environment, sustainable development, quality, customer service, and productivity.

Don’t leave the safety of lives and properties to chance. Let us be your reliable ally in ensuring top-notch fire equipment performance. Contact us today and discover how our unrivaled expertise can make a difference in safeguarding your environment from potential fire hazards. Trust Viking for superior fire protection solutions that provide peace of mind.

Contact us today so you can experience peace of mind knowing that your fire protection needs are in expert hands.



Photo Credits: Halifax Regional Municipality Organics Management Facility, Halifax Regional Municipality Website

Industry Standards & Affiliation

Viking systems are designed and installed exclusively according to NFPA standards. Our team uses products that are recognized by ULC and FM Approved standards. Viking Fire Protection also meets pre-qualification requirements by several recognized organizations

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