Safeguarding Progress in Halifax with Fire Protection at Oberland Agriscience

Nestled in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Oberland Agriscience Inc. stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of life sciences. With a mission to address the global protein crisis, Oberland specializes in transforming organic waste into valuable protein products. This hub of agricultural advancement relies on top-notch fire protection solutions to safeguard its operations. That’s where Viking Fire Protection steps in.

At Viking, we understand the unique challenges that innovative projects like the Oberland Agriscience face. Our comprehensive suite of fire protection services is tailored to safeguard not just property, but also the invaluable work and vision of companies driving positive change in our world.

Engineers at Oberland understand that fire protection isn’t just about compliance; it’s about proactive risk assessment and mitigation. By identifying potential hazards unique to their operations, they’re paving the way for tailored solutions that ensure safety without compromising progress. From advanced suppression systems to state-of-the-art fire alarm integration, Viking leverages the latest technologies to keep Oberland safe and secure.Fire protection team

Comprehensive Fire Protection Services for Peace of Mind

At Viking Fire Protection, we offer a full spectrum of services to support the ongoing fire safety and compliance needs of the Oberland Agriscience Project:

Design and Installation: From conceptualization to implementation, our team works closely with clients to develop customized fire protection solutions that align with their specific requirements.

Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance are vital to ensuring the continued effectiveness of fire protection systems. Our certified technicians provide thorough inspections and proactive maintenance to address potential issues before they escalate.

Engineering Expertise: Our experienced engineers leverage cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to design fire protection systems that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Emergency 24/7 Support: In the event of an emergency, our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to provide swift response and assistance, minimizing downtime and mitigating potential damage.

Tailored Fire Protection Solutions for Every Industry

Whether you’re in agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, or hospitality, Viking has the expertise and experience to safeguard your operations. Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and deliver tailored fire protection solutions that meet and exceed industry standards, such as the NFPA.

With our comprehensive range of services and solutions, we are committed to protecting progress and empowering industries to thrive in a safer, more secure environment. Contact us today and experience peace of mind knowing that your fire protection needs are in expert hands.

Industry Standards & Affiliation

Viking systems are designed and installed exclusively according to NFPA standards. Our team uses products that are recognized by ULC and FM Approved standards. Viking Fire Protection also meets pre-qualification requirements by several recognized organizations

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