Mozaik Implementation – Boosting Productivity in Inspection and Service Departments

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By Gabrielle Niessen, Inspection/Service Business Process Manager

Do you know what Mozaik is?

Completely created in-house by our IT department, with the vision of (now retired) André Cote, and improvements recommended from some of the 238 active field users and 100+ office users, Mozaik was built to help improve the management of our Inspection and Service Departments’ work flow and reports. To work alongside the Mozaik program, many service modules were added to PolyApps for creating and dispatching Inspection, Repair, and Service Call work orders, associated reports, and approving for invoicing when complete.

After an expected transitionary period, our Inspection and Service departments have overall recognized efficiencies, especially in submitting documents to their clients. The biggest improvement that I appreciated, during my time as Operations Manager for the Vancouver Inspections Division (up until end of 2021), was the ability to oversee the status of the all work we were performing.

Tracking paper work orders and reports for a large team was a challenge and the system really helped with this, allowing more time for other tasks, and greater transparency across all steps of the service provided.

Not without its hiccups, Mozaik and the associated service modules in PolyApps have jumped our teams into the present and have nearly eliminated paperwork. With any technology, there are bugs that need to be reported and fixed by the release of new software versions. The team managing the back-end of Mozaik is often making changes to accommodate code requirements and usability of the system for the field and office staff. Recent improvements include, the addition of VESDA, Kitchen Suppression, and 5+ Year Sprinkler Reports, as well as the Mozaik Phone Application which is primary used to view upcoming schedule and submit timesheets.


Tatyana Nikolova, Inspection Report Supervisor: “I have been using Mozaik for more than 3 years and I can say that it is at the same time a novelty, a challenge and an adaptation. For this project to work we have to leave old habits behind and embark on a new system that is like a human being – it grows and develops every day. It is a great honor and privilege for me to have the opportunity to be part of such a global change for the company across Canada.”

Mélanie Lavergne, Quality/Environment Coordinator: “The new system allows us to meet the quality objectives we have set for ourselves, such as sending the report to the customer within 30 days of the inspection. In addition, the various controls established allow us to limit errors and thus improving the customer experience.”

Eric Lewis, Sprinkler Fitter: “We have been using Mozaik now for a couple of months and my first impression of it is that I like it much better then how we were doing things before.  There was and still is a bit of a learning curve and a few glitches here and there but I love the fact that I don’t need to carry anymore paperwork around with me (with the exception of [City specific] backflow reports).  I like how the screen is much bigger than [the Toughbook], I like the voice dictation a lot especially for fire extinguisher serial numbers.  I would like to see the material search maybe get a bit easier because I’ve had a hard time finding some materials even when implementing the advanced search option.  I would also like to see the individual city backflow reports somehow implemented so I don’t have to use a paper report and to submit it, I would just like to see the entire thing be paperless.  Overall I really like Mozaik and besides a few new learning curves I feel it’s made my job a little easier.”

Jyotishna Naidu, Dispatcher: “I’ve been using Mozaik for over a year and I love the tools it has provided me with. I don’t use it as much as others in my department but it’s very efficient and sometimes straight forward. As for the dispatch screen at times it can be slow or hard to remove jobs as it gives you a lot of error messages but a function I would love to see is who has moved jobs around as it’s always an issue when there is a lot of others that use the dispatch screen. I do like all the improvements with time reservations and when you send a customer an email and the reminder functions.”


This project has been a massive investment for the company and we are nearing the finish line to implement the system across all of our branches. I’m really proud to be involved in seeing this project though and supporting our teams through the process.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you across all of our branches for your dedication to prepare for the implementations, your openness to learn, and especially your commitment to use the systems in the way they have been intended. Your patience with the corporate services team when support is needed is also very much appreciated!

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