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Solutions for all types of risks

At Viking Fire Protection Inc. we are renown for our exceptional expertise in special hazard advanced technologies. All industries must face special risks that require more than a conventional automatic sprinkler system. When protection is needed for high-value or irreplaceable goods or property, or when highly flammable liquids, solids or gases are present, the use of custom designed fire protection systems is recommended.

Viking built its reputation of excellence one project at a time, with the help of a team of professionals, and through the proven efficiency of its systems, which are manufactured using only high-quality products by such manufacturers as Viking Corporation and FireFlex Systems.

Over time, Viking has developed a strong expertise in the area of fire protection for high-risk buildings and property. From this expertise resulted relationships of trust with such large-scale companies as Hydro-Quebec, Air Canada, Bell Canada, Shell Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Mc Cain, GE Hydro to name but a few.


Engineering & project management

Engineering is one of Viking's main strengths. Every project undertaken is supported by of an outstanding team of engineers, draftsmen and project managers.

We use only the most technologically advanced equipment in order to meet current standards. Our experts use advanced design software, which give extremely precise results.

Since 1995, our Montreal team has been working in accordance with the ISO 9001 rigourous standards and has maintained a certified quality assurance system adapted to our customers' needs.

With the perspective of responding to the specific needs of our clientele, we also offer such services as:

  • project management
  • engineering plans
  • training
  • transfer of expertise
  • technical support


Foam fire suppression systems are an ideal and effective alternative for the protection of large surfaces with minimal water damage. Foam systems suppress rapidly progressing fires and prevent re-ignition. They also allow the rapid cooling of the surrounding areas, which significantly reduces water demand and environmental costs.

Depending on the volume and the risk involved, three types of foams are available; low-expansion, medium-expansion and high-expansion foams. Our team of experienced representatives will help you find the best possible protection for your property.

COMMON Applications

  • refineries
  • hangars
  • chemical plants
  • warehouses

ESFR systems

ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) systems are different than conventional water based systems in that the sprinkler heads are fitted with quick response fusible elements. This automatic suppression system produces large droplets that have a greater momentum than droplets emitted from conventional heads. Fire suppression is very fast and effective.

ESFR water systems are specially designed to protect warehouses and different storage arrangements. These systems are particularly suitable for places where rack storage sprinkler systems are impossible to install or unwanted.

Cycling & integrated systems

Cycling systems are designed to deliver only the amount of water or foam needed to control the fire. With their specially designed detectors, these systems shut off automatically once the fire has been extinguished and are reactivated if the fire is rekindled.

Integrated systems are entirely assembled and tested in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards. They make the engineering and installation work a lot easier. Assembly errors are eliminated, installation time is reduced and so is the time during which the target area is left unprotected.

TotalPac Integrated Systems

  • The TotalPac® systems consists of a sprinkler system trim complete with all the required controls, integrated in a sturdy steel cabinet, pre-assembled and tested at the factory. The TotalPac® units are easier to install and maintain then systems assembled on site. They are also designed with many exclusive advanced features available only from our renowned supplier FireFlex Systems.

ICAF Integrated Compressed Air Foam Systems

  • The FireFlex ICAF compressed air foam system is a deluge-type system that uses a balanced piping network and can be activated by electric, pneumatic or manual release. The ICAF system is FM Approved as a local application extinguishing system for class B pool fires, spill fires and cascading fires. As well, Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) are an integral part of the 2010 editions of NFPA 11, NFPA 850 and NFPA 851.

FireFlex DUAL and 1230 integrated clean agent systems

  • The FireFlex® 1230 system consist of a clean agent fire extinguishing system factory assembled in a cabinet, including an optional common releasing control panel. The FireFlex® DUAL systems has the same features, combined with an integrated preaction sprinkler system. Both FireFlex systems use 3MTM NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.

TotalPac2 Integrated Systems

The new FireFlex Systems, the TotalPac®X, is similar to TotalPac®, however designed for indoor/outdoor installations (14°F / -10°C) and corrosive environments.

For further information about FireFlex products, visit OUR DOCUMENTATION web page.

Early & very early warning fire detection systems

Smoke detection plays a dominant role in the extinguishing ability of any fire protection system. In order to ensure optimal security, some critical areas or hazardous materials require extremely sensitive very early detection systems. These detectors sample the air continuously. The air samples are filtered and exposed to an effective laser beam. The presence of smoke, even at very low levels, causes light diffusion, which is detected by an extremely sensitive receiver. The signal is processed and sent to a control system that displays the level of smoke.

Very early warning fire detection systems are ideal for environments such as:

  • environments that pose a high risk to human life or goods;
  • places where smoke is hard to detect, either because of height or air velocity;
  • difficult to maintain areas;
  • places that must operate 24 hours a day;
  • places where critical operations are carried out;
  • historic sites and conservation centres.

For ordinary zones that do not require very early detection, you can be protected by a point detection system. Viking offers a full range of top quality early warning fire detection systems.

Gas detection systems

For increased protection in dangerous zones, toxic gas and flammable gas detection systems must be used. Risks related to flammable and toxic gases can lead to loss of human life. Some gases are extremely harmful, even at very low concentrations. It is of the utmost importance to use a detection system that precisely monitors gas and oxygen levels in the air. Viking offers a wide range of toxic and flammable gas detectors that are certified according to current security standards.

COMMON Applications

  • refineries
  • chemical plants
  • hospitals
  • tunnels
  • underground and closed parking lots
  • pharmaceutical laboratories
  • emergency generator rooms

Fire suppression system for micro-environments

Viking offers fire suppression system for micro-environments protection (volume <8.5m³ or 500 ft³). Designed for simple installation, often very near the source of a potential fire, system for micro-environment is a self-activating fire protection system that reliably suppresses fire in seconds, and do not require any type of outside electrical source, which remain totally operational during unexpected power outages.

The effectiveness of the system comes from a proprietary technology, polymer tubing that will rupture when exposed to a flame and will be discharged through nozzles within the protected enclosure. In addition, the system are compatible with most commercially available fire suppression agents and the simple design significantly reduces expensive labor costs for the protection of micro-environments, where the hazard is typically contained within a critical enclosure, such as equipment, machines, vehicles, or storage compartments. This type of system is the fist step for an effective micro-environment protection.

Available fire suppression agents:

  • NovecTM 1230
  • dry chemical
  • CO2
  • water
  • foam

Common Applications

  • electrical panels and control cabinets 
  • flammable and/or chemical storage cabinets
  • fume hoods
  • fuel vehicules
  • industrial machines, tools and equipments
  • … 

Source and reference: www.firetrace.com.

Clean fire protection systems

Halon gas

Since 1998, the use of environmentally harmful halon in fire protection systems has been controlled by the Ozone-Depleting Substances Regulations (ODSR 1998). Over the years, Viking Fire Protection Inc. has acquired extensive expertise in the replacement of halon gas in different types of environments. Viking’s methods meet current ULC and ODSR standards for halon disposal.

LEED projects

More recently, the Canada Green Building Council adopted the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) philosophy. This American certification program, which uses a performance credit system, aims to encourage projects that have a low environmental impact. Environmentally friendly products are suitable for these types of projects. However, no product can be officially LEED-certified because this certification is intended for building projects only.

Green solutions tailored to your needs

Whether you need to replace your Halon 1301 systems, are working on a LEED project or simply wish to make environmentally sound choices, you can count on the following green solutions. 3MTM NovecTM 1230, Inergen, Argonite, FM-200 products and water mist systems are part of the generation of "clean" fire protection systems that save lives, protect property and preserve the environment. They are all designed to have minimal effects on the environment and pose no threat to human beings.

Prefabricated fire protection buildings

For many years now, Viking has been offering prefabricated building services. These unique buildings of varying dimensions are custom built and can be fitted with special hasard systems or fire pump systems, depending on the customer’s needs. All systems are preinstalled and verified at the factory. 

Some of our completed projects

  • protection building for Hydro-Québec transformers (twelve 735 kV substations)
  • pumping station building for the Keephills power plant (Alberta)  
  • pumping station and protection building for TRT Etgo (Bécancour) 
  • pumping station building for one of IAMGOLD’s mines 

Other solutions available at Viking

  • Dry Chemical, FM-200 or CO2 Fixed Extinguishing Systems

  • Window Sprinklers

  • Diesel or Electrical Fire Pump

  • Water Tank

  • Fire Hydrant Systems

  • Backflow Preventer Devices