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What's new at Viking?

We are always happy to introduce our new products and accomplishments, and share our highlights. Come visit us regularly to stay abreast of the latest developments!

2019-03-18 2019 Seneca Job Fair
2018-09-11 A "Coup de coeur" scholarship with the FOIQ

Viking is proud to announce its association with the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec by presenting a "Coup de coeur" Scholarship for the next 3 years.  Visit the Fondation de l'ordre website for more details: https://foiq.qc.ca/en


2018-03-14 Working for Viking Fire Protection
2017-09-05 New Location for Viking Edmonton
2017-07-27 Notifier by Honeywell Premier Distributor
2016-11-11 Nominated once again among the Best Employers in Canada!
2016-06-22 Viking Fire Protection is number 1 in Quebec!
2016-06-01 Viking Montreal is ISO 14001 Certified!
2016-05-02 Scholarships Awarded by Viking
2015-03-11 Annual Civil Security and Fire Protection Conference (Quebec)
2014-11-12 Viking Is Participating in the Construction of the New Multipurpose Auditorium in Quebec City
2014-10-29 Dress for the cause!
2014-05-07 Scholarships Awarded by Viking
2014-02-11 Seneca College's Job Fair
2013-06-28 Testimonial from a Viking Award Recipient!
2013-04-11 Scholarships Awarded by Viking
2013-03-21 Seneca College's Job Fair
2013-03-15 Best Employers in Quebec!
2012-11-21 Take Our Kids to Work day!
2012-10-22 Viking Fire Protection, One of Canada's 50 BEST EMPLOYERS of 2013!
2012-09-24 Our Ottawa Branch Has Moved!
2012-08-24 Recognition for our Distinguished Services!
2012-07-18 Our Winnipeg Office Has Now Completed the COR Certification Process!
2012-07-17 An Amateur Baseball Team Shows Off Viking’s Colors!
2012-07-16 Viking Fire Protection on Workopolis!
2012-06-14 Addition in “Our Projects” section
2012-05-23 Scholarships awarded by Viking!
2012-02-22 A Makeover for Viking Fire Protection!